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“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” --Winston Churchill

Despite the enormous obstacles 2021 has thrown in our path, we have accomplished a great deal. Thank you for your enthusiasm for our online articles, as well as for your support and generosity over the past year.

Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations depend on donations, and we are no different, We ARE different, however, in that with the onset of the pandemic, our strategies had to change but we have continued to educate people about education. Our plans for the new 2022 year include:

  • Continuing our current strategy of posting trustworthy and informative articles, artifacts, podcasts, and events that make a difference for various backgrounds and ages "from 9 to 109!"
  • As restrictions start to open up in a post-pandemic world we hope to get our engaging traveling exhibitions displayed in our communities.
  • To once again engage in our planning for our newest exhibition:
    Brain Odyssey: From Conception to Kindergarten

For our operational essentials, MOTAL will depend on the generosity of those who enjoy and benefit from our services—namely, YOU. Please consider making a donation. Any amount you can give, from $10 to $500 (or beyond), will help us achieve our mission. There is also an option to make your donation recurring.

Americans do care about education. They believe it should be fair, interesting, and effective. MOTAL helps visitors build those understandings as they learn about the past, appreciate the various ways people learn, and see how they can influence our children's future. From bringing light about five families fighting for inequality, to comparing education in other countries, and teaching the importance of the first five years in brain development in a child's life. Join us by donating as we inform and engage audiences through trustworthy information and interesting interactives.

Thank you in advance!

Greta Kallio Nagel, PhD, President and CEO

Our website is WWW.MOTAL.ORG

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