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Anything is possible with the support of others, help us maintain and grow our museum and community.

While we are working from home, we are engaged in a number of short-term and long-term educational activities in line with our mission to educate people about education:

  • Our interns completed their semesters at Claremont Graduate University. While we nurtured their interests in museum studies, they learned to tell the stories of our endeavors including our two exhibitions, A Class Action and Two Roads One Journey in new effective ways.
    • You can educate current and future interns to launch their careers with your contributions.
  • Our artifacts tell stories of past generations and their educational tools, their books, and their teachers. We regularly feature them on our website.
    • You can bring these stories to life with your contributions.
  • Work continues on early childhood brain development for the next exhibition, “Brain Odyssey: From Conception to Kindergarten.” We’re sharing best practices for brain resilience during the pandemic in preparation for the exhibition.
    • You can support families and their young children with your contributions.

You can be part of a wider educational mission during these difficult times. Our team is as committed as ever to MOTAL’s mission, and as passionate as ever about sharing information for a better tomorrow.

Generosity gives everyone the power to make a positive change in the lives of others and is a fundamental value anyone can act on. Help us to continue MOTAL's mission, and passion about sharing information for a better tomorrow.