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Become A Sustaining Member


We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Anything is possible with the support of others, help us grow our museum and community.

Through the years, The Museum of Teaching and Learning has been fortunate to receive gifts from individuals just like you. We are deeply grateful for your faith in our work and for your giving. As a charitable nonprofit we serve the public good through education and enrichment. We inspire thoughtful conversations and build understandings through our various presentations

We educate people about education.

Despite the difficulties of the past year, MOTAL altered our approaches. We accomplished some very good things:

  • Published trustworthy articles—110 so far— on notable topics twice each week.
  • Launched a new podcast program on our updated YouTube channel. Title: Teaching in Times of Covid YouTube site: “MOTAL-Museum of Teaching and Learning.”
  • Helped educate a new set of graduate student interns as they prepare for their careers.
  • Won three Covid-related grants that helped keep our operations afloat.
  • Won a competitive humanities grant to expand our presence on social media.

MOTAL has many projects scheduled for implementation during this next fiscal year:

  • Engaging, trustworthy traveling exhibitions will resume display at public venues no later than spring, 2022.
  • The MOTAL artifact collection will be professionally reorganized, archived, and publicized by the end of 2021.
  • Our first full wave of podcasts, Teaching in Times of Covid, will be completed and live on the MOTAL YouTube channel by fall.
  • We will continue to publish informative e-blast articles twice a week.
  • Significant social media outlets—Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn— will continue to extend our reach to wider, larger, audiences.
  • Young men and women will continue to grow through our ongoing internship program.
  • New museum partnerships will enliven and deepen our impact.
  • Providing fun times through membership and civic events will resume, expanding relationships between and among our stakeholders and audiences.

Our impact: Online readers and fans have now multiplied. Our publications are being shared and complimented. Our podcast series has eight episodes “in the can,” with more to come. We continue to receive honors and grants. Research and writing help our artifacts’ stories “come alive” for audiences across the country. Also, MOTAL has economic influence within our community; we pay for a large array of products and vendors; a vast majority of contributions support our charitable mission.

As a volunteer-driven organization, MOTAL depends on donations to continue its programs and enhance the community. MOTAL is grateful for generous support received in the past. Nevertheless, we must continue to pay bills for necessary services, many of which are out of public view such as storage, insurance policies, technology, and data platforms.

If you'd like to donate, this (our annual membership drive) is a great opportunity to do so. You may choose any one of many levels of support, based on your personal preference.

Most gratefully,

Greta Nagel, PhD, President and CEO

On behalf of the MOTAL Board officers

Eva Postma, Vice President

Mary Deming, PhD, Secretary

Cheryl Stewart, MS, Treasurer