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Please Become A Sustaining Member

The Museum of Teaching and Learning needs you to JOIN NOW more than ever


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Anything is possible with the support of others, help us grow our museum and community.

It’s time to celebrate another NEW YEAR at The Museum of Teaching and Learning! Yes, when June becomes July, a new fiscal year begins. MOTAL marks the occasion by holding its annual membership drive. This will be #19!

MOTAL’s very existence depends on thoughtful individuals just like you. Thank you for believing in the museum’s trustworthy work and for your generous philanthropy. The Museum of Teaching and Learning is a charitable nonprofit—a corporation directed by a Board of Trustees. All are volunteers who give time, talents, and “treasure.” Unlike for-profit Board members (usually paid for their leadership), nonprofit members donate significant amounts of money.

During 2022-2023, MOTAL will continue to educate people about education through the following activities:

  • Publish trustworthy articles on notable topics related to education.
  • Create interactive traveling exhibitions for ages “9 to 109.”
  • Attract wide audiences through social media outlets.
  • Broadcast podcasts on five platforms.
  • Help prepare interns for future work in museums and education..
  • Develop solid community partnerships.

Help MOTAL “Preserve the past to inform the future” by becoming a sustaining member. Sustaining members provide an unrestricted monthly gift that can be paid in a convenient, ongoing way. Each month a recurring amount you choose will be charged to your credit or debit card through our secure Network for Good nonprofit platform. You can update your sustaining membership annually.

Becoming a member allows you to declare your support for MOTAL. You may choose any one of many levels of support, based on your personal preferences. How to join is explained on the enclosed page that follows.

You find interesting and helpful details at

Most gratefully,

Greta Nagel, PhD, President and CEO

On behalf of the MOTAL Board officers

Eva Postma, Vice President

Mary Deming, PhD, Secretary

Cheryl Stewart, MS, Treasurer

New and renewing members will be invited to a SNEAK PREVIEW PARTY of the long-awaited mobile exhibition about how to protect and enhance BABY’S AMAZING BRAIN. Join us in thanking the State of California, the California Arts Council, the City of Fullerton, our partners at California StateUniversity, Fullerton and the Fullerton School District—and others soon TBA.