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“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” --H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

As 2023 approaches, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations depend on donations, and we are no different. We ARE different, however, in that our mission to educate people about education we strive to “Preserve the past to inform the future.” Our plans for the new year will be to continue our current strategy of posting trustworthy and informative articles. We also look forward to continuing exhibition displays in new venues, and working on our long-awaited mobile exhibition about how to protect and enhance YOUR BABY’S AMAZING BRAIN.

The Museum of Teaching and Learning (MOTAL) has established a record of award-winning and trustworthy exhibitions about topics in the field of education, filling a unique niche in the museum world. MOTAL creates mobile exhibitions to bring questions and answers about teaching and learning to the public. We’ve all been to school, but do we know the answers to the kinds of questions that MOTAL asks?

  • Who were the pioneers in the fight for educational equality?
  • How does our educational system compare with the systems in other countries?
  • How do people learn?
Because education plays a critical role in a democracy, the museum shines a light on the people, places, policies and events that have shaped education through time, as well as highlighting educational policies and practices, and their outcomes. Democracy thrives when teaching and learning prepare people for work, civic responsibility, parenting, and

societal change.

For our operational essentials, MOTAL will depend on the generosity of those who enjoy and benefit from our services—namely, YOU. Everyone here at MOTAL is very thankful for all the support you have given us throughout the years. Now more than ever we are passionate about giving back to you with programs that will enlighten and educate.

As the holiday season approaches, we are asking you to help us raise funds for our 2022 programs. Please consider making a donation. Any amount you can give, from $10 to $500 (or beyond), will help us achieve our mission.

Thank you in advance!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

Greta Nagel, PhD

President and CEO

Our website is WWW.MOTAL.ORG

P.S. Help us keep the momentum going! Look for #GivingTuesday posts on our social media platforms and share these messages to inspire your friends, family members, and others to get involved.