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Dear MOTAL Friends,

The Summer Solstice signals the start of summer and signifies the end of MOTAL’s fiscal year. That means it is time for our annual Membership Drive. Thank you for being an important part of our endeavors. Your generosity makes a wonderful difference, plus if you are able to renew or join as a SUSTAINER, MOTAL will be able to depend on you as we educate people about education.

Do join, please—you won’t be disappointed. MOTAL members get to meet great people, feel appreciated,learn interesting things, help grow a unique educational charity, attend delightful events, and foster engaged learning. You’ll have FUN!

A few things to plan: On Friday, June 21, from noon to 8 pm - Visit Your Baby’s Amazing Brain (YBAB) when this wonderful mobile will once again be open for teens and ADULT visitors as part of Fullerton’s “Day of Music.” The high-tech, interactive learning experience will be by the Fullerton Museum Center. It communicates in four languages: English, Korean, Spanish, Vietnamese. Free! You’ll be amazed by fifteen creative learning opportunities planned with the expert help of Mad Systems, Inc. This renown design company had over 20 people making YBAB happen, with special thanks to Maris Ensing, and Tony Zorilla. Meet the great “Brain Gang” (Adrianna Dunner, Jeff Faeth, Jane Coday, and Ben Lozada) who help Guests enjoy their interactive experience.

From now until mid-October, MOTAL’s exhibit, A Class Action, will engage visitors at the historic Hunt Library in Fullerton. The Hunt is at 201 S. Basque in Fullerton. Free!

During the summer, watch MOTAL move from its current office/mini-museum in Unit C at 1111 E. Commonwealth Avenue to a space four times larger in Unit F. This is one time when going from a C to an F is actually good news! Members will be invited to celebrate the new facility.

It’s been a very good year:

Guests who have visited Your Baby’s Amazing Brain have left these comments: Affirming, Amazing, Awesome, Brilliant, Challenging, Educational, Engaging, Enjoyed learning, Enlightening, Excellent, Exciting, Explains a lot, Fantastic, Fascinating, Fun, Great, Great learning tool, Helpful, Highly recommend, Imaginative, Important, Impressive, Incredible, Informative, Insightful Interactive, Interesting, Loved it, Must-do, Must-see, Necessary, Needed, One hundred per cent cool, Outstanding, Pretty neat, Ten out of Ten, Terrific, Valuable, Very good, Wanted to learn more, Websites helpful, Wonderful!

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Your support and friendship are very much appreciated!

Thank you very much from the MOTAL Board of Directors

Greta Nagel, PhD, President and CEO

Eva Postma, Vice President

Mary Deming, PhD, Treasurer

Cheryl Stewart, MS, Recording Secretary

Jo Ann Brannock, PhD, Director

Pat Casey, Director